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BIG3 CBD, 3-on-3 Basketball League Pro Cannabidiol


The NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and every other professional league in the United States, are somehow already falling behind the BIG3. The newly formed 3-on-3 professional basketball league was founded by Jeff Kwatinetz and actor/rapper Ice Cube. Yes, the same Ice Cube who played Craig in the classic movie Friday.

Retired NBA Hall of Famer and current BIG3 commissioner Clyde Drexler, can relate with and understand what their players want and need. The BIG3 features mostly retired NBA players who prefer not being forced to rely on addictive opioids like the NBA basically forces on its players who seek medical support. Much props and respect to Ice Cube and the BIG3 for giving their players access to this natural blessing.

Watch this quick Ice Cube interview with TMZ

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