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PharmaCann Capsules – Better Medical Cannabis

PharmaCann Capsules will be leading the way for the medical cannabis industry. These odor and tasteless capsules are designed to ensure medical cannabis is absorbed better and lasts longer. Traditionally patients have primarily taken cannabis by smoking or eating it but over the past few years, we have really begun to see the pharmaceutical industry playing a more offensive role in the cannabis industry now that is getting legalized in a number of different states.

The Daily Herald states that ‘the patent-pending oral form pharmaceutical-grade capsules are the first to use self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) technology for cannabis”.

PharmaCann Capsules for the People

Chris Diorio, director of research and development at PharmaCann said, “This product helps improve quality of life for patients and they report that it lasts longer and feels stronger than other oral delivery options, meaning they only need to take it twice a day instead of three of four times… the capsules are especially convenient for those who find it difficult to use other forms of cannabis or prefer the discretion of taking medication in oral form.”

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We’re all about the people and our beautiful plant that the government and big business have fought against so it may be hard to recognize products like this as a good thing. But if the average Joe or local mom and pop shop haven’t created it yet than what’s wrong with big business helping out? That is, as long as it lives up to the hype that it will help thousands and millions of people across the world who can’t smoke or eat edibles. Than this is a good thing, righhhttt? All of that said, big business in the cannabis industry should be taxed more than local mom and pop shops or entrepreneurs, but I don’t think there is much debate there.


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